How we got here

Sometime during the summer of 2014, my husband and I started to discuss the idea of moving abroad with our kids, aged almost-6 and almost-8. First in a “wouldn’t that be amazing, ha ha ha” kind of way, then in a “you know, this is a pretty good age for our kids if we ever wanted to do something like that,” and finally in a “hey, can we actually do this?!” kind of way. 

My husband, who works remotely for Apple from our home in Maryland, was somehow able to convince his boss that working out of the Paris office instead for 7 months would be a great experience, giving him a chance to work in close proximity to other engineers again. I’m not sure if it was a Jedi mind trick, or just the result of the stock he’s built over his 15 years there kicking butt. 

As for me, I started my personal chef business, Vanilla Bean Cuisine, in 2006 after our first daughter was born. Since then, I’ve been a part-time chef, catering small events and dinner parties, cooking meals for families, and teaching cooking classes, while at the same time being full-time mom for my two daughters. When the little one started kindergarten earlier this year, I started thinking about what’s next for me professionally. I haven’t figured that out yet, so a 7-month sabbatical in Paris seemed like an amazing opportunity to recharge and decide where I go from here.

And all that is to say, that after a few months of rushing around getting passports, visas, finding an apartment, renting our house back home, finding a school for the girls, and deciphering and filing an ungodly amount of paperwork, we made it happen. 

e© Molly Pisula 2015