Strawberry Parfait

This easy Strawberry Parfait features layers of chopped  strawberries, lightly sweetened mascarpone cream, and gingery biscoff cookies.

Why Make This? • So easy to make! • Perfect for in-season strawberries • Versatile: swap out fruits and crunchy toppings

Just 5 Ingredients! strawberries, mascarpone cheese, heavy cream, biscoff cookies, and sugar.

Rinse, trim, and finely chop 8 ounces strawberries.

Crush 5 ounces biscoff cookies into crumbs.

Whip mascarpone cheese with a mixer until smooth, about 1 minute.

Add heavy cream and sugar, and whip for another two minutes.

Assemble strawberry parfaits, starting with one layer each of cookies, mascarpone cream, and strawberries.

Repeat with a second layer of each, ending with strawberries.

Expert Tip: Try swapping out the biscoff cookies for amaretti cookies, graham crackers, ginger cookies, or granola.

This Strawberry Parfait is a perfect spring dessert!

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